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Coffeyville nasty

Their storylines often begin with the gang escaping from prison, followed around by prison dog Rantanplan as they try to carry out whatever plans Joe Dalton, or their mother Ma Dalton, has in mind.

Usually the gang ends up back in jail at the end of the story as Lucky Luke rides off into the sunset.

They were created by artist Morris and writer René Goscinny.

They are loosely inspired by the real-life Dalton Gang, and billed as their cousins.

Those character traits weren't kept in the subsequent albums.

William is usually the shorter of the two, but continuity mistakes sometimes switched them around: in Dalton City for instance, William is the taller of the two.

In "To each on their own" William goes out and becomes the boss of an illegal gambling hole while Jack becomes a corrupt politician.

Just as Averell takes after Emmett (Both being the tallest member of the gang) Emmett Jr.

In another spin-off, Lucky Kid, they appeared in a story titled "Oklahoma Jim" in which they meet Lucky Luke for the first time as kids.

The shortest, oldest, angriest and least stupid of the brothers, Joe Dalton is the leader of the gang and masterminds their prison breaks and various schemes.

Averell Dalton is the tallest, youngest and most stupid of the Daltons.

Obsessed chiefly with food, Averell is sometimes prone to eating various non-edible items, such as soap, which he finds delicious.

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Perpetually furious and motivated chiefly by an obsessive hatred of Lucky Luke and Rantanplan, Joe frequently beats up his younger brother Averell for his dim-wittedness.

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