Dating cts speakers

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Dating cts speakers

If the buzzing is still there after you've checked all these things and everything is okay, try moving the speaker to a new position (up, down, left, or right) and see if the sound travels with the speaker. If the buzzing travels with the speaker, this speaker might have a problem.

And if the buzzing doesn't travel with the speaker, there's a good chance the buzzing is coming from something else and not that speaker...

Jensen Loudspeakers takes no responsibility for any errors that may appear. The CTS is relentless in its pursuit of driver and passenger safety. The outcome is authoritative power, striking agility and precise braking that allows you to command every road as if it were your own.This list exists solely for the purpose of determining functional speaker replacements for the amplifiers listed.Jensen Loudspeakers cannot be held liable for any problems that arise from the use of speakers placed into any amplifier other than the normal warranty guarantees.

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like a separation between the plywood's laminations, for example. As tubes age, their internal components loosen a bit and can rattle.