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What is even scarier is what you'll find if you search the web for reviews about these sites for yourself!From my own searches I suspect that some of the scammiest agencies spend the most on manipulating the search engines. Having now said that, I obviously need to give you a reason to trust me, right?For "Individual Tours" and other services "On the ground" in Russian/Ukrainian cities, The Angelika Network offers the best prices and most flexible service options of any major network.Click here to read my more detailed review of The Angelika Network.If money were the driving force here, I would be an Anastasia Date affiliate and singing their praises.

It is a virtual minefield where you have no idea who to trust.Russian dating sites that offer good honest service will usually continue to do so as long as they are under the same ownership/management, and those that are scammy and crooked will usually continue that way.One of the newer Ukrainian/Russian dating sites is Match Guaranty.These two facts combined should demonstrate that I am not in the practice of trading my conscience for profit.By the way, some of the Russian dating sites and agencies I review negatively have a reputation for intimidating critical reviewers, often threatening to sue for defamation.

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