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We’ve been told the various ways we can seem clingy, insecure or just somehow unappealing.We’ve taken these rules in, read multiple bestselling books on the various ways we’re doing things wrong, and provided you with our new and improved versions of ourselves for your dating pleasure.I don’t care if you’re checking messages or whatever, but that just made me feel like they had zero interest in me.” —"I’m just as nervous as you, if not more so.It’s easy to start overthinking the date and what to wear and what to say.God knows we women have been given a great deal of advice about how to behave in dating.

If the idea of staring at her from across a table all night intimidates you, choose an interactive date. Even if she offers, insist on paying for the date — especially if you initiated the date in the first place.

Even if you have nothing in common, you can at least laugh about your poor mini-golf skills together. As a couple, you’ll figure out how to split and cover bills later.

You don’t need to wear a suit and tie to the local pub, but it wouldn’t hurt to brush your teeth and put on a shirt that doesn’t look slept in.

” —"More than once I found out way too late that my date didn’t like the restaurant we were at, or the concert I got tickets to, or what have you.

I guess my advice is: Feel free to say no to date ideas.

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"Always waiting for the guy to initiate contact is annoying to most men," says Harold, 35.