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Live chat no credit

thanksupdate: if you need to reach the IRS, the best and easy way is to call them directly by calling their toll free 800 number at: 1-800-829-1040To be short if someone pulls strings to get taxes done from a company they never worked for will the irs search and find out?I dont want to mail the fraud report unless i know for sure they will find out and do somthing? tel nbr9***270 about my taxes and they were going to have the police to pick me up.And if I don't call back to stop the warrant they will be force to move forward with my arrest.

STATUS IS MARRIED FILING JOINT AND THE AMOUNT IS 61.00We received a letter dated 11/24/16, from the IRS saying we were due 92.08 refund after an audit of our 2014 taxes. they said there was a lawsuit against me and asked if I have an attorney for this case. she spent the last 12 yrs in a nurseing facallity and had only a SS check. I have been trying to talk to someone at the IRS since April 2016 when our 2015 taxes were filed without success so I have continued to pay our monthly installment arranged on our 2014 taxes. Will I have to do an amended tax form BLUE RIDGE CAMP AND RESORT, INC SENT A CHECK TO IRS MARCH One Six /One Six IT WAS FOR $One , Nine Four One .

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please call me and let me if they are irs agents or snd me email.

d o ***t a n a b e @ or 2255***19I need to get a copy of my 1040x for 2015, I cant remember my username and none of the emails have worked with either my husbands ssn or mine.

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We received a letter in July 2016, stating we owed underpaid taxes on our 2014 return of $4337, which we paid. Now we received 3 certified letters demanding payment in full of a total of $6323.32. I would like to visit with an IRS agent regarding this situation as soon as possible. Five Three THE CHECK HAS NOT CLEARED OUR BANK AS OFTHIS DATE.

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