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As _Paper Towns’_s director, Jake Schreier, tells me later, “What picture can the paparazzi get that Cara hasn’t already gotten?

That’s what I call taking control of your image.” set in the coming weeks—New York for a Chanel fashion show, Los Angeles for a big Burberry bash—but to hear Cara talk about the bubble, you’d think she’d already left it behind.

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Utilizing aerogel, the same NASA-insulation technology used in space shuttles, OROS makes outerwear that’s thinner, warmer and more flexible than just about anything else on the market.

For starters, she has become the preeminent model of her era through the brazen display of personality, that thing most models are now richly paid to hide.Far from a rare orchid that wilts in the breath of more noxious air, Cara, simmering with life on the runway, boils over with life off it.She has been called the next Kate Moss, but the similarities begin and end at their shortish stature (for their profession, that is: both are five-eight), English background, and penchant for late nights.“It shapes the childhood of every kid whose parent has an addiction,” she believes.“You grow up too quickly because you’re parenting your parents.

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“That I have to exercise restraint after I’ve succeeded in a business where for years I had no restraint, where the whole point was excess?

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