Updating election map

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Updating election map

Among the third party candidates, former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson was the Libertarian Party nominee, Jill Stein was the Green Party nominee, former Member of the U. House of Representatives from Virginia's 5th congressional district Virgil Goode was the Constitution Party nominee, and former Mayor of Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson was the Justice Party nominee.This was the first congressional election using the congressional districts that were apportioned based on the 2010 Census.Starting in August 2012, a series of controversies occurred involving comments made by a number of socially conservative Republican candidates regarding issues regarding rape, pregnancy, and abortion, bringing these issues to the forefront. He stated that pregnancy from rape rarely occurs as a result of what he referred to as "legitimate rape." Akin's comments had a far-reaching political impact, changing a focus of campaigns across the country onto the so-called "War on Women." Another widely covered comment was that of Indiana State Treasurer and U. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who said that pregnancy from rape was "something that God intended". According to critics, the consulate site should have been secured better both before and after the attack.The first most notable was Republican House Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who was the Republican nominee for a U. A number of observers later identified Mourdock's and Akin's comments as a principal factor in their respective election losses. Republicans further criticized the Obama administration's response to the attacks, ranging from accusations that they incorrectly attributed the role of anger over the film instead of suspecting it more as a coordinated attack by a terrorist group like al-Qaeda; to complaints with delays in the administration's investigation.The balance of power shows which party has the most seats currently, how many seats are up for election this year (including contests with incumbents and open races), and how many each party has won on election night, according to CNN projections.The party with the most seats in the House controls the House leadership.

Two states approved and one rejected the legalization of recreational marijuana, and one more state voted to approve allowing marijuana for medical use.

The riding colour is updated according to the current leading party.

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Elections were held for all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives. Although House Democrats won a plurality of the popular vote (48.8% vs 47.6%), House Republicans were still able to retain a 234 to 201 seat majority.

Elections were also held for the delegates from the District of Columbia and five major U. A special election in Oregon's 1st congressional district was held on January 31 to determine a replacement for David Wu, who resigned in August 2011.

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